Re: The Universe in a Single Atom

From: David C Campbell <>
Date: Wed Sep 21 2005 - 12:12:16 EDT

>This seems to be a rather lopsided type of integration of reason and
faith. Science gets to trump faith at every turn. On the other hand,
can any of you really cite an example where faith and revelation
affected science? (not the metaphysical meaning of science)<

Perhaps this approaches the metaphysical meaning category, but
Christianity provides two categories of reasons that provide good
motivation for doing science.

First, by rejecting the unpredictably supernatural world of polytheism
for an orderly world under God's direction, it asserts that science is
possible and meaningful.

Second, by asserting the value of work, it supports the active
investigation of the physical world (in contrast, e.g., to the ancient
Greek tendedncy to philosophize about the natural world without doing
the work of experimenting).

The Bible has obvious influences on archaeology, but that's not exactly
the religion affecting science.

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