ID/TE conversations

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Wed Sep 21 2005 - 09:15:13 EDT

I appreciate the exchanges involving George (Cornelius) Hunter, Terry Gray,
David Campbell and some others, concerning the explanatory efficacy of
neo-Darwinism. It takes time and energy to compose these posts, and as far
as I can tell it has been a vigorous exchange of ideas and arguments and not
a display of ad hominems.

IMO there is not enough of this type of healthy exchange on our list or
elsewhere. I hope this type of conversation will take place more
frequently. There are multiple points of disagreement between many IDs and
many non--ID TEs (there are some people like Mike Behe and Robin Collins who
fit both categories, IMO), and of course among IDs and among TEs (both are
actually very large tents). I lack the competence to sort out the
biological arguments, but the philosophical differences about what
constitutes a good explanation are very interesting to see. I esp
appreciate it when scientists state clearly their philosophical premises, as
has been happening in this case.

It might be an even more interesting exchange if George had a few others on
his side of the fence, but IDs have not typically found this list hospitable
and few in recent years have come on to engage their opponents. Let us give
George a round of applause, and encourage him to bring some friends along
with him to expand the boundaries of the conversation. Let's extend the
type of thing that happened at the ASA meeting this summer.

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