Re: The Universe in a Single Atom

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Date: Wed Sep 21 2005 - 09:09:51 EDT

Would it be legitimate to mention other issues that revelation has had influence? (Some of these may be looking back into scripture for possible clues to things that we have learned elsewhere.)

1. Archeology. Certainly the record of "proving the Bible" is not perfect, but generally, the Biblical record has been an aid to unraveling some issues. It certainly lead early 20th and 19th century research.

2. Public health. OT cleanliness law should have had a positive influence on medical practice long before the west recognized the importance of sanitary procedures.

3. Biology. (Very few would agree with this.) The YEC biologists use of the term "kinds" (something like "baharim") encouraging them to look for distinctly different divisions of life. It may not be working, but it certainly is a revelatory driven project.

4. Astronomy. (You might not like this either.) Certain biblical references that could (mind you "could") describe a spherical earth. Ted, you would know the history here better than I.

5. Farming. God's command for a Sabbath rest every seventh year for the land may have had some influence on ideas of letting fields be fallow. Certainly within communities like the Amish.

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