Re: engineering questions re. Katrina

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Tue Sep 20 2005 - 09:38:20 EDT

I am reluctant to suggest that people should not live in New Orleans, a
reluctance brought about simply by my wish not to dampen hope for hopeless
people. It is nevertheless true, that tax dollars should not be used in
general to insure dwellings in flood-prone areas including barrier islands
and lowllands like NO. IMO, existing policies should pay off just once, and
people ought to rebuild only at their own risk.

That policy would of course be political suicide in many states, such as
New Jersey where I grew up not far from Atlantic City (before the casinos,
thankfully). So I can't expect it in my lifetime, even it it's the right
thing to do. Neverthless, as taxpayers we do have the right, even the
responsibility, to ask our officials to consider such a policy.

The rebuilding of NO, which is apparently now a done deal (neither major
party willing to speak against it), does appear to me a major act of
chutzpah--who are we, to set a bound for the sea?

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