Genesis Concealed?

From: Vernon Jenkins <>
Date: Mon Sep 19 2005 - 16:59:43 EDT


Your holiday/business trip to Columbia way back in mid-June interrupted a discussion which appeared to be moving toward a much-needed clarification of the events of Day 5 of the creation week (Genesis 1:20-23). In case you have forgotten, my arguments then - and your responses - are to be found recorded at].

While you appear to have accepted my point that the words relating to Day 6 (where 'flying creatures' are stated to be subject to man's dominion) confirm the appearance of _birds_ on Day 5, you quickly distance yourself from this conclusion with the remarkable suggestion that the Creator's amanuensis must have got it wrong! I need hardly remind you of the Apostle Paul's testimony that "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable (amongst other things) ... for _correction_ ..." (2Tim.16). Clearly, you tread dangerous ground!

From your website, "Genesis Proclaimed", I observe that you fail to draw the attention of your readers to this 'problem' - and its 'solution'. May I therefore infer that, in your view, it is either a matter of little account, or else one that needs to be concealed? But neither are they made aware of the latest empirical evidences that constrain the hermeneutics, viz the coordinated numerical geometries which underlie the Bible's first two verses ( These phenomena, which complement the Apostle's words, surely make nonsense of your bold claim.

May I suggest that, in order to uphold the integrity of the Scriptures (which, as a Christian, I have little doubt that you would wish to do), whilst yet salvaging your views as an evolutionist, you need to offer a suitable alternative avian ancestor - not from Day 6 - but from within the fraternity of the other 'flying creatures' of Day 5, or else from the waters. However, I am not optimistic that you possess either the desire or the ability to do this. But, without it, I trust you are able to see that creation by evolution is irreconcilable with the order of the creative programme, as we have it laid out in Genesis 1. To put it clearly (so that all may understand), Day 6 dinosaurs cannot be the precursors of Day 5 birds!

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