Re: India Joins Search for Oil off Cuba's Coast/Kuwait offers to build first refinery in U.S. in 30 years

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Date: Mon Sep 19 2005 - 10:21:18 EDT

At 09:44 AM 9/19/2005, Glenn Morton wrote:

>janice matchett <> wrote:
>3 Items of news regarding oil and refineries in case you missed
>them. ~ Janice
>GRM: Janice, I could give you lots of headlines. Headlines without
>analysis is not science, it isn't even interesting, nor it is meaningful.
>None of these headlines nor the stories behind them are really applicable
>to the issue of Hubbert's peak.

### Careful -- your species/type may be on the way to early extinction:

"There is a well-researched phenomenon in evolutionary biology called
Zahavi's handicap principle, which establishes that certain types of animal
morphology and behavior evolve precisely because they reduce the animal's
fitness and penalize its chance for survival.

A peacock's tail is an obvious example.

One can observe that a peacock's tail is almost "deliberately designed" to
introduce a higher cost for survival for the host animal and therefore to
communicate to others (including predators and potential mates) that the
peacock-carrier of the larger tail is the animal with superior genes.

I propose that a very smart person deliberately ignoring reality and
expressing extremely shallow opinions with extreme confidence based on no
thinking at all behaves much like a peacock advertising to predators his
costly tail.

The message that he broadcasts is basically this: "Look at me -- I am so
obviously smart that I can deliberately make extremely dumb statements with
a very high degree of confidence; it takes a really high-IQ person to
totally ignore reality and still be this confident in his forecast." ~
Dmitry Podborits
Janice :-)
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