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Date: Sun Sep 18 2005 - 20:14:42 EDT

Even if they could travel at the speed of light, the volume of space that
humans could populate could increase only at a rate proportional to the
cube of time. This would ultimately be overtaken by the exponential rate
of population increase.

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On Sun, 18 Sep 2005, Joanna Woo wrote:

> oops, i copied-and-pasted that wrong. please ignore that last post. the
> correct one is this:
> the point of this discussion is to try to see what would happen if we take
> the Bible at face value, minus the Fall, and assume no death if no Fall. so,
> in answer to George's comment, 2 kids per couple is linear growth if nobody
> dies.
> as for where we get wives for Cain and Seth, consider the features of the
> Bible-at-face-value model:
> a) Eve and Adam are the first and only humans to be created by God without
> reproduction
> b) God created this couple to be "very good" like the rest of creation,
> which i extrapolate to mean "without genetic flaws" among other things.
> one consequence of point b) is that incest would not produce deformities in
> children. a possible reason for the prohibitions against incest in the Torah
> is that incest produces deformities and retardation. but if that is not a
> worry in a genetically perfect world, the prohibition against incest would
> not be needed.
> so, a natural result of the Bible-at-face-value model is that Cain and Seth
> (remember that Abel was killed - aren't i a nitpicker?? :P) married their
> sisters and that was perfectly acceptable.
> that's why i modified Jim's original model to each couple having 4 kids,
> with incest occuring at least in the early generations.
> but Jim, you've got a point in saying that we were likely made to have way
> more kids. i read somewhere that a woman's ovaries contain on the order of
> 10^5 eggs! yikes! the best suggestion i can think of to allow everyone to
> live forever is the one i gave earlier: that God must have meant for us to
> space travel. boy, with all that space in the universe and all the cool
> things to study out there, how could God *not* have meant for us to space
> travel? another point to consider is that Jesus said that in the kingdom of
> God, people don't marry. so maybe God ushers in the "kingdom" at some point,
> somehow, during the history of our model civilisation (no death, no Fall).
> so, in short, i feel that the Bible-at-face-value model (no death prior to
> the Fall) *can* work with the addition of a reasonable free parameter (eg,
> space travel, or a time-boundary condition).
> jo
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