Re: Re no death prior to the fall....

From: Glenn Morton <>
Date: Sun Sep 18 2005 - 17:44:02 EDT

Gotta have a destination first. Venus, too hot; Mars, too little of an atmosphere(even Tibetans would have trouble); the rest, too cold; planets around other stars, unknown and years and years away.
Travel to the stars with our current knowledge would reduce our population by sending most to their death in interstellar space.

Joanna Woo <> wrote:
but Jim, you've got a point in saying that we were likely made to have way more kids. i read somewhere that a woman's ovaries contain on the order of 10^5 eggs! yikes! the best suggestion i can think of to allow everyone to live forever is the one i gave earlier: that God must have meant for us to space travel. boy, with all that space in the universe and all the cool things to study out there, how could God *not* have meant for us to space travel?

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