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Date: Thu Sep 15 2005 - 08:03:29 EDT


I would 99% agree with your statement that the story abuses both the Christian doctrine of creation and the ideas of evolution.

However, there are those self proclaimed spokesmen for scientism like Sagan, Gould, and Dawkins to name but few who loudly proclaim(ed) just the connection you reject: science (and evolutionary biology in particular) demonstrate that there is no God at all, and we "brights" are the ones you should listen to. Their voices are loud and are they hold themselves up as the spokesmen for the world of science. I certainly understand how someone can think that science equals or leads to atheism after reading Dawkins.

Believers who also happen to be in the scientific community have the enormous job of trying to educate our brothers and sisters who don't have much of a background in science, who never met a Christian in science and listen to the loudest voices in the evangelical community.

For example, the first evening at the ASA conference, my wife an I were talking with some girls in the dinner line about why we were there and what they were doing. They were there for a youth leadership conference. When we explained what our conference was about, she commented to my wife something like, "Oh, that's interesting, I didn't know that Christians could be scientists too!"

(Keith, It was great to meet you and Ruth at Messiah. Your presentation in the Panel was quite powerful - I wish each of you had more time.)

Al McCarrick

Keith wrote:

The above is symptomatic of, and reinforces, popular false views of both evolutionary science and science education. The above does not have the slightest relationship to evolution -- the only connection is the utterly false view that evolution is atheistic. Therefore to teach evolution is to teach atheism. Secondly it implies that public science educators seek to teach atheism. Another utterly false view. Any public school teacher would rightfully be insulted by the above.

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