Re: Is evolution really the central theory for all of biology?

From: Cornelius Hunter <>
Date: Wed Sep 14 2005 - 21:37:46 EDT

Exactly my point guys. --Cornelius
Don Nield <> wrote: Dobzhansky writes " It is wrong to hold creation and evolution as
mutually exclusive alternatives. I am a creationist *and* an
evolutionist." Later he writes "I submit that all these remarkable
findings make sense in the light of evolution: they are nonsense
otherwise." He also writes "Seen in the light of evolution, biology is,
perhaps, intellectually the most satisfying and inspiring science.
Without that light it becomes a pile of sundry facts some of them
interesting or curious but making no meaninglful picture as a whole". He
also writes "Does the evolutionary doctrine clash with religious faith ?
It does not", and he goes on to explain that statement.
Dobzhansky presents evidence that falsifies YEC but it does not falsify

Robert Schneider <> wrote: They reflect Dobzhansky's own Christian theology of creation, shared by many ...
Bob Schneider
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