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Just an interesting point. Two men shared a cabin on the Beagle from Dec
1831 to October 1836, one was a racist and supported slavery, the other was
not a racist and loathed slavery with everything he had got in him. The pair
once had a flaming row about slavery. But then one was rapidly becoming a
YEC or scriptural geologist in those days, and the other was evolving into
an evolutionist, which he became two years after his return. The racist was
Fitzroy and I dare not name the other!

But then Ken we know how some YECs have rubbished the faith of your

I also think we should refuse to refer to YECs as Creationists and insist
that as Christians we believe in the Creator and are therefore Creationists.
This can be done with a level of humour. I at times insist that I am a
biblical and scientific creationist!

I liked the other Kenn's post.

Also Cornelius on the ASA site is completely misusing the term "creation"
because as a Christian Dobhansky believed in creation. But then both ID and
YEC thrive on a flexible use of words .

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> Arv, like many of his ilk, divide people into two groups with regard to
> origins, evolutionists and anti-evolutionists. As David suggests, the
> saved
> may be a subset of the latter.
> I would divide people into non-creationists and creationists (those who
> believe God is the Creator, as in the first statement of the Apostles'
> Creed. Creationists include YECs, OECs, progressive creationists, gap
> theorists, evolutionary creationists, and perhaps others. I believe the
> saved are in all of the creationist groups, and not in one, exclusively,
> but
> probably not in the non-creationist category, although that is God's to
> decide.
> No doubt most of you will not consider this to be very profound, but it's
> a
> useful way to think about this issue.
> Rambling on, you might find
> interesting. It refutes YEC claims about the world's ills (slavery and
> racism, homosexuality, etc.) being the result of belief in evolution.
> Ken Van Dellen
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>>Do you realize fully the "soul danger" that can come from belief in
>>the theory of Evolution?
> This statement is ambiguous but potentially gravely heretical. It is
> true that evolution is a popular excuse for bad theology, bad morals,
> etc. However, there are cults that claim belief in the Bible that pose
> equally grave soul danger. In both cases, it is the misinterpretation
> that is the real problem.
> However, it may be a form of the claim that we are saved, not by grace
> alone through Christ. Instead, belief in some form of antievolutionism
> is necessary to salvation, if not sufficient for it. Paul utterly
> condemns any such assertion in Galatians.
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