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Bishop UssherI should have looked more carefully . This was John's article of a paper he gave last October on the anniversary of Creation when we all drank a toast to Ussher.

The book I referred to was

The age of the Earth from 4004BC to 2002AD ed by Lewis and Knell Geoll Soc Special Publication no 190 (2002).

It is an excellent read and ought to be read.

Mea culpa

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  Interesting article:

  "A Date to remember: 4004BC", by J.G.C.M. Fuller, in Earth Sciences History, vol. 24, number 1, 2005, pp. 5-14


  Archbishop James Ussher was not the author of the alleged Creation date 4004BC, and it is a clumsy error to say that he was. The date 4004BC arose from an ancient belief that four thousand years intervened between Adam's creation and the advent of his Redeemer, the Second Adam. The incremental four years added to the basic 4000 is a correction applied to the first Christian calendar, and is unconnected in any way to James Ussher, or the story of Adam. Dating the year of Creation at 4004BC was first introduced to English printed Bibles in 1701 by William Lloyd, scholar, politician and, at that time, Bishop of Worchester.

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