Re: Why Most Published Research Findings Are False

From: janice matchett <>
Date: Mon Sep 05 2005 - 20:32:39 EDT

At 08:25 PM 9/5/2005, Don Nield wrote:
>Any doubts that I might have had about a correlation between US oil money,
>US Republican politics, US anti-science and US conservative religion have
>been removed by the recent postings of Janice Matchett.
>Don Nield

### Name the names of the Americans who caused you to doubt your
preconceived notion in the first place if you will, please.


>janice matchett wrote:
>>At 04:33 PM 9/4/2005, Pim van Meurs wrote:
>>>It pays off to read the paper in question as it presents a much better
>>>understanding as to why this is the case.
>>>The paper itself states " However, this should not be surprising. It can
>>>be proven that most claimed research findings are false."
>>>Interesting study which shows why science is such a challenging endeavor.
>>>*dila813 on
>>>explained it quite well*
>>>What's your conclusion Janice?
>>## My conclusion? Follow the money. Money, power, and approval from
>>their peers is what motivates those who engage in *junk *science and the
>>*religion* of scien*tism.* They outnumber serious scientists 99 to
>>1. Many of them teach their *religion* of scien*tism *in science
>>classes in the public schools.
>>If children come out of the tax-payer funded schools believing that man
>>will "destroy the planet" unless the USA signs the Kyoto "treaty", they
>>have not learned "science" in science class.
>>That is going to stop.
>>>janice matchett wrote:
>>>>Interesting article in case some haven't seen it. ~ Janice
>>>>*Why Most Published Research Findings Are False
>>>>*Published online 2005 August 30. doi: 10.1371/journal.pmed.0020124.
>>>><>: 2005 John P.
>>>>A. Ioannidis.
>>>>The above was posted by me here in the thread below:
>>>>*Most scientific papers are probably wrong
>>>>*| 02:00 30 August 2005 | Kurt Kleiner
>>>>Posted on *08/31/2005 3:09:18 AM EDT* by *dila813
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