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Date: Fri Sep 02 2005 - 21:01:56 EDT

Jay Hollman is one of our veteran ASA members in Louisiana. He's in Baton Rouge which wasn't hit that badly. I've been in touch with him and thought you might be interested in part of his response to my question of what ASA might do to help:

I do not think that we should try to
match the Federal Government's 10+billion dollars :-D . Seriously much
is being done and will be done. This will definitely change the city of
New Orleans forever (remember that before the hurricane in Galveston,
Galveston and Houston were the same size). We should pray. Many of us
have taken in families from NO. Our church has had its schedule totally
disrupted as we function as a Red Cross refugee center. We are clothing
these people with our spare clothes and are getting them jobs. There
are numerous other stories. I am busy getting the cardiology section
ready for a FEMA hospital that will be going up tonight.

Pray that many who have lived ungodly lives will repent and have their
lives changed. Pray that many who have been proud will be humbled.
Pray that Christians will respond appropriately to the needs and the
challenges that they face. We would hope a pray that a more balanced
energy policy would be developed and that we would lose some our rampant
consumerism. I would suggest that people give as they have means to a
charity that they think would combine the love of Christ with
cost-effective humanitarian aid such as Salvation Army or their church.
You would be impress with the number of churches that have step forward
with volunteers coming in buses, ambulance crews coming and bringing
their ambulances to provides services at no charge. We are making new
friends as we host strangers in our homes.

Yes there is much wrong with the church but I am very proud of it
performance during this crisis. You will see church buses from Texas,
Oklahoma and regions beyond. The church is alive and well.

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