RE: How to encourage a former creationist to persevere in faith?

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Date: Thu Sep 01 2005 - 07:31:01 EDT

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>Now, Glenn, please. Michael and I make no claims of divine communication
to support our interpretations. Do you?

Of course I don't but then I wasn't the one claiming to know God's purpose
so definitively. That was you and Michael. I find it odd that such a claim
is made--that WE KNOW GOD'S PURPOSE, which frankly sounds a bit YEC-like in
its certitude. How do you know that THIS was His purpose and not something
else? What basis do you use scholarship to read the mind of God? I didn't
think that was even possible to read the mind of God on things he didn't
write about and nowhere have I seen a verse in which a prophet says, "The
lord says, My purpose was merely to teach that there was only one Me."
Perhaps my bad scholarship missed that verse?

My point is that the certitude you two exhibited is a bit over the top. And
that is why I said it the way I did, because it shows the weakness of your
theological position. And indeed, it elicited a backstepping here which is
what I wanted.

> I make no assrtion of infallibility for my reading of Gen. 1, but I do
share a view with many others who are better biblical
>scholars than I, and I'll stand by my position. If you have reasons to
conclude that Gen. 1 is not a theological/liturgical
>narrative, I would be glad to entertain them. I'm sure we stand together
in the Lord's love and care.

It is fine to stand on your position based upon scholarly study of those one
likes. But to claim to know God's purpose is beyond our ken. IT is beyond
the ken of even the best scholars. Besides the fact that it sounds a wee
bit pompous to say it like Michael did, it is also a bit condescending to
those uf us hu dunt knew Gud's porpoise an thimk it mite be sumpin else.
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