RE: How to encourage a former creationist to persevere in faith?

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I have to admit that I cannot go along with these views expressed by Iain,
Glenn and Peter, but I cannot get worked up about it. It is about 1- 3 on
the Richter scale of disagreement - YEC is 9 or 10!!
I think it downplays the literary and theological nature of Genesis which
is to express THAT God is Creator and puts it in a specific style. I see Gen
One much more as a hymn to the Creator rather than anything else and could
be compared more to G M Hopkins' wonderful poem God's Grandeur than God's
blueprint. Iain's idea leaves me cold but it may be helpful to some.
To me it is trying to get some kind of scientific ratification from Genesis
rather than seeing that its purpose was to convince the Hebrews that the one
God is the only Creator to a pre-scientific culture.
[Glenn Morton] I agree that this is low on the Richter scale When you say
that the purpose of Genesis was only to convince the Hebrews that there was
only one god, I get the following thoughts. If I were able to discern the
mind of God and what His purpose is as well as those who hold your view are
cabable of, I might live a better Christian life. I just don't know where
God clearly states his purpose, and since He has not directly communicated
that purpose to me, as he apparently has to you, I simply can't draw that
same conclusion.
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