RE: How to encourage a former creationist to persevere in faith?

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If someone asked me what I thought Gen. 1 is, I'd answer much along
Michael's lines: it is theology couched in the form of liturgy. There may
be something to the scholarly hypothesis that at one time it was a hymn
chanted on the Judahite New Year's Day.
[Glenn Morton]
I just wish God would talk to me in the same fashion he apparently speaks to
you and Michael. But then, I am occasionally crude so maybe God doesn't
like my company.
George [piling on :-) ] said,
>I might as well pile on. The type of view espoused by Iain, Glenn & Peter
seems to de-emphasize the genuinely creative
>power of the Word of God, an important biblical theme that reaches its
climax in the Johannine prologue. When God speaks,
>things happen - e.g., Jer.23:29. There's a big difference between that
picture & one of God setting out a schedule of events
>that are later to be accomplished in some other way. This is not at all to
deny that in Gen.1 living things are created
>mediately - a point I have long emphasized - but that happens because of
God's Word.
[GLENN]God's word does not require an IMMEDIATE fulfilment. IF it did, then
the prophecy of the messiah given to Adam and Eve would have been fulfilled
prior to the invention of writing and we wouldn't have our Bible. But on
the other hand, if God's word requires immediate fulfullment then that alone
is proof that the Bible isn't God's word because the messianic prophecies
wasn't fulfilled immediately.
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