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> There is a new technical monograph, written by Michael Oard,
> (new names keep popping up, don't they?) called THE FROZEN
> RECORD. Based on Greenland and Antarctica ice core studies,
> Oard "shows conclusively" the reality of the great flood and
> only one ice age.

Oard is not a new name in YEC circles. He began publishing about the time I
did. He also has a previous ICR monograph.

> A closing comment. I continue to assert that the YECs "have
> won," in that they have now reached critical mass, they are
> not going to go away, they have succeeded in winning the
> hearts and minds of vast numbers of Christians, and their
> kind is increasing, not decreasing. But I think they have
> "won" in another, more evil, way. Yesterday I was in
> conversation with a librarian, an exceptionally well read and
> intelligent lady. I mentioned that I was reading Dawkin's
> THE ANCESTOR'S TALE and that I found it both well written and
> highly interesting. I said that I could appreciate it even
> though I did not share Dawkin's outlook on religion. The
> lady, whom I know to be aware of the YEC movement as well as
> Pat Robertson's recent gaffes, opined that she shared
> Dawkin's viewpoint -- that religions were evil and the world
> would be better off if they all disappeared.

This is why I hope views like hers don't win. She would enforce her views
with coercion.
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