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Date: Mon Aug 29 2005 - 10:23:07 EDT

News from ICR's ACTS AND FACTS for September, 2005

The YECs, having won (see qualifications in previous correspondence),
continue to point to their upcoming victory conference. The lead article,
ICR Conference to Confront an Icon of Evolution, written by Mark Rasche,
talks glowingly of the scheduled "once-in-a-lifetime event" to be held
11/5/2005 at Mountain Community Church in San Diego. "Thousands, not
Billions," that is both the title and theme. The RATE team (Radioisotopes
and the Age of the Earth) will "reveal their amazing discoveries."
Rasche writes: "The Bible clearly teaches that God created the world in
six literal days . . . Yet Mainstream scientists dogmatically assert that
the earth is billions of years old . . . If we cannot take Genesis at
face value, the rest of Scripture comes into question . . . The evidence
for a young earth is quite convincing . . .."

Pre-registration for this conference is required.

John Morris follows with an article bragging about ICR's web site. It has
been restructured.

Frank Sherwin has an interesting article of the pterosaur, using the
usual loaded language "Secular scientists are not sure." "Darwinists are
uncertain. . . .." "Because evolutionists cannot show . . . .." "But
just two years later virtually the opposite was stated." The article
concludes with "Creation scientists maintain the studies show that these
animals were designed by God . . .." To many Christian non-scientists,
this should settle it!

There is a new technical monograph, written by Michael Oard, (new names
keep popping up, don't they?) called THE FROZEN RECORD. Based on
Greenland and Antarctica ice core studies, Oard "shows conclusively" the
reality of the great flood and only one ice age.

Now for the really big news: What comes after RATE? RATE has been around
for 8 years; there is more work to be done, but there are new projects in
the plan -- :

GENE Genomic studies
FAST Geological field research
EPIPHANY Computer simulations of catastrophic processes
RATE II Geochemical studies
COSMOS History of the Cosmos using biblical boundary conditions
SPECIAL Four smaller projects, including
                        SODOM & GOMMORRAH -- a geological study
                        BUTTERFLY -- a metamorphosis study
                        BIBLICAL WORD STUDY -- understanding the Bible literally
                        COLUMN -- global analysis of the Genesis Flood
NAUTILOID Video documentary on the Grand Canyon
GENE-D Video documentary on genetics research

Descriptions of these projects are to be put on the ICR web site.

John Morris has an article on how the animals made it to the ark. The
argument depends on pre-Flood geography being much different than that at
present, and pre-Flood animals being much more robust than those today.
The supernatural attributes of the Flood are also emphasized; these
arguments cover (of course) all the questions one might ask.

Henry Morris has an article called "Irrational Naturalism." "The fact is
that total naturalism is quite devoid of real explanatory power for
almost anything." The article mostly dings science for not having an
explanation for the origin of life. The usual loaded language is employed

A closing comment. I continue to assert that the YECs "have won," in that
they have now reached critical mass, they are not going to go away, they
have succeeded in winning the hearts and minds of vast numbers of
Christians, and their kind is increasing, not decreasing. But I think
they have "won" in another, more evil, way. Yesterday I was in
conversation with a librarian, an exceptionally well read and intelligent
lady. I mentioned that I was reading Dawkin's THE ANCESTOR'S TALE and
that I found it both well written and highly interesting. I said that I
could appreciate it even though I did not share Dawkin's outlook on
religion. The lady, whom I know to be aware of the YEC movement as well
as Pat Robertson's recent gaffes, opined that she shared Dawkin's
viewpoint -- that religions were evil and the world would be better off
if they all disappeared. Is the YEC movement evil? Is it evil in the same
way as -- say -- militant Christianity or militant Islam? Is Pat
Robertson and the 700 club evil?

I don't know. Being wrong should not be equated with being evil. But when
the wrongness results in evil, what then?

Just musing. Has anyone read THE ANCESTOR's TALE and have comments on it?

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