Re: God the interactor (was God the tinkerer)

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Date: Sun Aug 28 2005 - 22:22:15 EDT

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Subject: God the interactor (was God the tinkerer)

> While Dave has pretty much explained his reasoning in our disagreement
> about
> God "tinkering", I still have some issues. First, I question whether God
> interacting with time-bound creatures _is_ a contradiction. As I have
> reiterated several times, the Bible seems to me to be a book about God's
> interaction with humans. Dave is right in cautioning that we perceive
> God's
> actions through a time-bound frame of reference, so perhaps "interact"
> isn't
> the correct term. But if God being atemporal means he cannot or does not
> interact with human beings, then I have to reject that claim, because it
> contradicts Scripture, and seems pretty close to deism to me. Dave is
> right in
> reminding us that those outside of Christianity don't see things like we
> do,
> but I reject his implication that we should tailor our rhetoric to match
> their
> expectations. We are to be light to the world.

I've been quite busy for the past week & have just glanced at the posts in
this thread & its predecessors. But it seems to me that most of the
discussion has badly missed the point because it has failed to take the
Incarnation seriously enough. God has become a participant in the history
of the universe & therefore in its temporality. It isn't possible to wall
this off as involving "only" the Son: He is /homoousoious/, "one in being,"
with the Father. That God can "interact" with time-bound creatures is is a
basic aspect of the Christian faith, obscured only because people insist on
retrofitting it to /a priori/ philosophical notions about God.

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