God the interactor (was God the tinkerer)

From: Bill Hamilton <williamehamiltonjr@yahoo.com>
Date: Sun Aug 28 2005 - 21:25:27 EDT

While Dave has pretty much explained his reasoning in our disagreement about
God "tinkering", I still have some issues. First, I question whether God
interacting with time-bound creatures _is_ a contradiction. As I have
reiterated several times, the Bible seems to me to be a book about God's
interaction with humans. Dave is right in cautioning that we perceive God's
actions through a time-bound frame of reference, so perhaps "interact" isn't
the correct term. But if God being atemporal means he cannot or does not
interact with human beings, then I have to reject that claim, because it
contradicts Scripture, and seems pretty close to deism to me. Dave is right in
reminding us that those outside of Christianity don't see things like we do,
but I reject his implication that we should tailor our rhetoric to match their
expectations. We are to be light to the world.

Bill Hamilton
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