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A parallel from the Ice ages is that there is virtually no glaciation in
South Dakota including the Black hills as not enough snow fell to have any
effect. SD was very cold and very dry (no Budweiser either) Thus no tills,
erratics etc etc unlike Wisconsin and New England , not to mention over here
as I am perched on a drumlin.Yet there are signs of glaciation at 10000ft
west of Bryce Canyon and there are signs of glaciation at lowish
levels -3000ft all round the sierra Nevada

No snow, no glaciers,


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> On Sat, 27 Aug 2005, Glenn Morton wrote:
>> There was recently a request from David Campbell about info on global
>> warming. Yesterday I flew over the pole and saw the northern coast of
>> Greenland. The scarcity of glaciers was interesting. If global warming
>> is
>> merely an agenda on the part of the anti-capitalist left, where are the
>> glaciers up there? I posted my observations (with some pictures) at
> I have read that the northern coast of Greenland is one of the driest
> places on earth. It takes both cold and precipitation for glaciers to
> exist. The largest glaciers in Alaska are on the southern slopes of the
> mountains along the southern coast of that state.
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