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From: Jack Haas <>
Date: Wed Aug 24 2005 - 19:33:05 EDT


My name is Patrick Jones and I have been a member of
the ASA since 2004. I have just recently acquired my
B.S. degree in Applied Health from Azusa Pacific
University and I am now pursuing the postgraduate
opportunity of a Fulbright scholarship. This leads me
to the purpose I am contacting the ASA. I am wondering
if there are any ASA members that could be supportive
of this effort of mine. In 2004, at the 59th annual
ASA meeting in Canada, I had the pleasure of
presenting a poster presentation called:
â€Analysis of proprioception in the lower limb:
discussing the ability to be spatially oriented.â€
I have decided to build upon this previous research in
my Fulbright pursuit. The research topic I am
submitting to their committee is the following:
"Distinguishing Major Genetic Factors that Lead to
Proprioceptive Differentiation.â€
To be more specific about my request for support from
ASA members regarding this pursuit of mine, there are
two criteria of individuals I am looking for and they
are: 1) someone currently involved with the Fulbright
scholarship program, 2) an international
(non-American) ASA member/affiliated person that
studies neuroscience and/or genetics that would be
supportive of a Fulbright pursuit like mine. I have
attached my C.V. and a copy of my previous study on
proprioception, which I also presented at the 34th
annual Society for Neuroscience meeting. Many thanks
for the time you have taken to read this message, for
the great work the ASA is accomplishing, and for any
support you or one of the other members could provide
relative to my project.

Best regards,
Patrick Jones
APU Science Scholar
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