From: Kenneth Piers <>
Date: Wed Aug 24 2005 - 11:45:23 EDT

Friends: I don't know enough about the reality of the tragedy in Darfur to know
whether or not the story being told by David Morse (see below for those
interested), is true, but if it is then the worldwide push for scarce oil is
having devastating consequences for Africa's disenfranchised poor.

David Morse,
Africa -- whose cultures and landscapes were torn apart by
European colonial powers seeking slaves, ivory and jewels
-- is now being devastated by a 21st century quest for oil.

As Christians, what responsibilities do we have toward these nations? Is our
ever-increasing demand for more oil at all defensible from the point of view of
international justice? Is it possible for Christians in the developed West to
develop an ethic of economic sufficiency rather than with an ethic of economic
growth? When will we steer our energy policies away from fossil fuels toward
sustainable renewables?
ken piers

Ken Piers

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