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>Might I suggest that multiplying a list of people who don't know what they
>are talking about is no substitute for being correct?

Scientific American, March 1998
the 21st Century

Recent innovations in undergroundimaging, steerable drilling and deep water
oil production could recover more of what lies below. By Roger N.

(Roger N. Anderson is director of petroleum technology research at the
Energy Center of Columbia University. After growing up with a father in
the oil industry, Anderson completed his Ph.D. in earth sciences at the
Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San
Diego. He sits on the board of directors of Bell Geospace and 4-D Systems
and spends his summers consulting consulting for oil and service
companies. Anderson has published more than 150 peer-reviewed scientific
papers and holds seven U.S. patents.)


The New Pessimism about Petroleum Resources: Debunking the Hubbert
Model (and Hubbert Modelers)
Michael C. Lynch

(Michael Lynch serves as President of Strategic Energy and Economic
Research and a research affiliate at the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology's Center for International Studies. He previously served as
Chief Energy Economist at DRI-WEFA, Inc., a leading economic consulting
firm, and is a Past-President of the United States Association for Energy
Economics. He currently is working on a book, The Fog of Commerce: Oil
Crises and Economic Security, to be published within the next year. He has
combined SB-SM degrees in political science from M.I.T. and has performed a
variety of studies related to international energy matters, including
forecasting of the world oil market, energy and security and corporate
strategy in the energy industries, as well as analysis of oil and gas supply.)

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