Re: new hominid fossil from Georgia (former Soviet state)

From: Glenn Morton <>
Date: Tue Aug 23 2005 - 21:43:02 EDT

Alan wrote:
"Mccarrick, Alan D CIV NSWCCD Philadelphia, 9212" <> wrote:

Has anybody been following the news of a 1.5 million year fossil skull found in Georgia ? Apparently bones and fragments have been located in the past, but the skull is recently found and in good shape. I have not read anything, just radio news items. At that age, I suppose that it must be H. erectus.

Glen, It was wonderful to spend a little time with you at Messiah. I thought this item would be interesting for you too.

GRM: Hi Al, It was really great to meet you and I wish we had had more time to talk. Perhaps if I had stayed longer we could have.

I saw that note in the news. It is good that they found a complete skull but it isn't going to change a lot about this creature. Many of the important parts of the skull for morphological analysis have been found. The face, and upper teeth, there was a jaw found from another individual. I am not sure but there might be a bit of hype on the part of finding a complete skull. That being said, it is still a good thing. Here is a picture of an earlier skull still insitu.

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