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  Has anybody been following the news of a 1.5 million year fossil skull
found in Georgia ? Apparently bones and fragments have been located in the
past, but the skull is recently found and in good shape. I have not read
anything, just radio news items. At that age, I suppose that it must be H.

  Glen, It was wonderful to spend a little time with you at Messiah. I
thought this item would be interesting for you too.


Scientists Find Skull of Human Ancestor

Monday, August 22, 2005

TBILISI, Georgia — Archaeologists in the former Soviet republic of

Georgia have unearthed a skull they say is 1.8 million years old —

part of a find that holds the oldest traces of humankind's closest

ancestors ever found in Europe.

The skull from an early member of the genus Homo was found Aug. 6 and

unearthed Sunday in Dmanisi (search), an area about 60 miles

southeast of the capital, Tbilisi, said David Lortkipanidze, director

of the Georgian National Museum, who took part in the dig.

In total, five bones or fragments believed to be about the same age

have been found in the area, including a jawbone discovered in 1991,

Lortkipanidze said by telephone. The skull, however, was in the best

condition of the five, and was sent to the museum for further study.

"Practically all the remains have been found in one place. This

indicates that we have found a place of settlement of primitive

people," he said of the spot, where archaeologists have been working

since 1939.

Researchers said the findings in Georgia were about 1 million years

older than any widely accepted pre-human remains in Western Europe

and were the oldest found outside Africa. The discoveries have

provided additional evidence that human ancestors left Africa a half-

million years or more earlier than scientists had previously thought.

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