Re: Bush and creationism

From: Keith Miller <>
Date: Mon Aug 22 2005 - 22:19:12 EDT

Peter wrote:

> It would be even better if we had some courses that taught not just the
> current body of scientific understanding (although in most public
> schools,
> "current" is not quite the right word) but something more of what
> science
> overall is, how it works, etc., and what its strengths and weaknesses
> are.
> While my own children are past the public school age (the youngest is
> now
> finishing up college), I would rather they were taught this, than
> taught
> that this or that "scientific" view proves or disproves any particular
> theological or metaphysical position.

I agree fully that our public science education ( and university
classes) must focus more on the nature and limitations of science. In
my experience, one of the fundamental causes of the current public
creation/evolution conflict are the widespread misconceptions about the
nature of science. The scientific community has not been very good as
communicating the nature of the scientific enterprise to students or
the public.


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