Re: How to encourage a former creationist to persevere in faith?

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The first few Genesis chapters may or may not be literal history, but
their real value and teaching to us is surely about spiritual states -
it is the basis of the whole gospel that our Fallen state requires
redemption. Whether that Fall corresponds to an actual historical
event, or whether it's an allegorical tale to illustrate the spirutual
state of all of us, seems not that important, because neither
interpretation gets away from the fact that we ARE fallen, sinful
beings and need the redemption through Christ.

well put.

From the abstract of my paper True Religion (which takes the approach you

"The behavioral structure of the religious experience is determined from the
obvious references to psychological states and evolved behaviors in the
allegory of the fall of Adam and Eve. "

From the body of the paper:

"In the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus says,
             “When you disrobe without being ashamed… you will not be afraid.
Jesus’ words in this Nag Hammadi text from 1st century Egypt dovetail
perfectly with the nature of the fall in Genesis. The fall brought
shame/self-consciousness and fear/ontological anxiety. Returning to God would remove them."

rich faussette
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