Re: 666 & 616 (And correction to my last "intelligent design" post)

From: janice matchett <>
Date: Sat Aug 20 2005 - 12:29:27 EDT

For those who are interested:

Atheist Frank Zindler's Panic Buttons - A Critique of "The Real Bible:
Who's Got It?" Sunday, 20 February

"........His last gasp is that "666" reads "616" in some mss. This is quite
true. Most will recognize that 666 is a numeric reference to Nero, as the
Hebrew spelling of "Nero Caesar" -- as found in rabbinic writings and in
one Qumranic document -- renders a 666. But when that name is written out
in Latin, we have a value of 616. 666 as Ronald Reagan? Sorry, wrong
number." For a look at a more sensible eschatology, see our work at

~ Janice PS: Since I would have been over my 4-emails a day limit on
this list, I wrote Dr. Campbell last evening privately correcting an error
in my last email yesterday. Below is a copy of what I sent him:

Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 06:31 PM EDT
To: David C Campbell <>
Subject: Private - Re: from Re: Intelligent Design ?

Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 17:47:16 -0400
To: David C Campbell <>,
From: janice matchett <>
Subject: Re: from Re: Intelligent Design ?

At 04:56 PM 8/19/2005, David C Campbell wrote:

>Janice wrote [to Pim]:.......>>>>> Unlike you, his interpretations of the
>facts are sifted through a mind that he believes was given to him by a
>greater mind (God). Or have I misunderstood your
>position?<<<<<< [SNIPPED the rest of it]

I just re-read my post to you and see that I got the fairly conservative
Marci Hamilton mixed up with some other liberal woman at Emory, but I
can't correct that error just yet because I've already used up my 4 emails
for the day. :)

Just wanted to tell you to disregard my comment about her "not being a
conservative by any stretch of the imagination".. Sorry for the mix-up.

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