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Relegating Scripture to the whims of allegorical interpretation is to give
carte blanche to anyone who claims to be the interpreter. What are the ground
rules for this free-wheeling spiritualizing? Who has the right interpretation?
 Whose explanation would be suspect?
Essentially, allegorical interpretations are completely untestable.
Remember, we have real scientists reading this stuff.
I'm past arguing these points. My review of Darwin's Cathedral was well
received. It's still on the net. In the review I remarked about something Wilson

"Though earlier in his view from the social sciences, he [Wilson] stated that
the integration of ecology with other recent developments in the study of
human behavior would allow functionalism to succeed as a research program in the
future, here he doesn’t consider the fact that niche theory in ecology
predicts that a peripatetic group religiously committed to a reproductive strategy of
quantity and quality birthing is necessarily expansionist and covetous of the
elite niches of any host civilization with which it interacts."

In my upcoming paper, I consider what Wilson left unconsidered. I demonstrate
the adaptive nature of Judaism by examining its social structure and the
effect of the Levitical prohibitions on populations. I've often recommended the
work of Kevin MacDonald, the evolutionary psychologist whose work on Judaism I
also mention in my review.
His essay will precede mine in the last book the paleoconservative columnist
Sam Francis edited before he died.

If you look at my "interpretations", you will see that there is very little
room for interpretation. I simply state what the stories mean on their face
without reading anything into them but I point out the obvious that has been
overlooked, obvious of course, when you know the rules of the adaptation of human
groups, which is what Wilson's book was all about.

Request True Religion from me now and you will be ready for my upcoming essay
when it is available. Once you have the perspective, you'll appreciate my

I understand your resistance. Read the work. I don't want to argue.

Thank you, Dick. I appreciate your response.

rich faussette
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