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From: David C Campbell <>
Date: Fri Aug 19 2005 - 16:56:30 EDT

It is true that the claims of some atheists such as Dennett and Dawkins
provide no solid base for morality. Those making such claims fail to
realize that "I can do whatever seems right to me" gives total license
to anyone.

It is also true that they often invoke evolution in support of their
claims. This is incorrect. Although evolution does not, in and of
itself, provide any moral guidance, the same is true of any aspect of
science (e.g., the law of gravity). If you believe, for reasons
outside the realm of science (not that such reasons are inferior, just
that science can't deal with them), that particular actions are right
or wrong, then science can help after that. E.g., if murder is wrong,
then gravity and human physiology tell you that dropping a heavy object
on someone is likely to break this moral law. If adultery is wrong,
then evolution can tell you that the drive to reproduce is biologically
very important, so this category of sin is likely to be very tempting.

The claim that evolution implies atheism requires a prior assumption
that God could not create using evolution. This implausible
restriction of God's ability has been surprisingly effective at fooling
people, whether as an excuse for atheism or to lure them into wasting
time and looking foolish by attacking evolution.

>Unlike you, his interpretations of the facts are sifted through a mind
that he believes was given to him by a greater mind (God).<
>Or have I misunderstood your position?<

Probably; most of the views expressed on the list reflect a belief that
God ultimately gave us our minds, by whatever means.

It may also be worthwhile to caution that current "conservative"
politics tends to make similar moral errors to those of Dennett et al.
by endorsing a free reign to corporate interests. Both human
individuals and businesses are innately inclined to evil and require
regulation and justice to keep them in line. Of course, governments
fall into the same problems-the solution is not merely more laws and

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