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From: Graham Morbey <>
Date: Fri Aug 19 2005 - 14:04:19 EDT

I agree so much with Terry Gray regarding the fact that religion encompasses all of life and that something is missing when doing science without acknowledging God that I have to be very careful in making a comment about his statements. Terry might agree with me when I have some unease with his words "... do science properly." Perhaps the terms "structure" and "direction" might help here. People who are scientists and non-christians will and do and continue to do science "properly." Christians and others all share the "structure" of what it is that "scientists" do. But Christians confess prior to this "structure", this activity, a framework, an understanding of God as Creator and Redeemer of all, such that all the Christians' activity finds its "direction" to and from this God in faith, including science. Even when this "direction" is missing, both Christians and others are "free" to do science "properly" and "improperly". What is missing is the meaning of it all!
Graham E. Morbey
Graham E. Morbey
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