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Essentially, TE is a "weaker" position because traditionally TEs try to
accommodate Genesis by assigning the inspired text to some condescending category
such as allegory, tradition, mythology, or poetry. By contrast, what I have
found more satisfying is to regard the Genesis narrative as the history of the
Semitic people.
Genesis is mostly if not entirely allegory and it might be couterproductive
to call allegory a condescending category. Allegory is used to cloak powerful
ideas. Every passage has hidden meanings but essentially genesis is a blueprint
for Jewish national success. The persians gave permission for the jews to
return from exile due to the assistance the jews gave them in taking Babylon,
they financed the rebuilding of the temple and genesis contains the steps by
which the Israelites were to take Egypt which of course, the Persians eventually
did with Jewish help. Herodotus remarks that the Jewish mercenaries at
Elephantine celebrated when the Egyptian temples were destroyed because their temple
at elephantine remained intact.
The two most important allegories in genesis I cover in my paper True
Religion, which you can request. At some time in the future I hope to write about the
story of Joseph and how his story is the product of the behaviors promoted by
genesis in the tale of Adam and Eve and the story of Jacob and Esau. genesis
includes an allegory that disguises Jewish eugenics. If you think that is
implausible, consider that Ezra who brought the redacted torah back from Babylon
railed aginst the returning exiles marrying with the population that had been
left behind. Genetic isolation is required to make eugenics work.
According to the Jewish mystics/kabbalists genesis was never meant to be
taken literally. The Darwinian interpretation I make is profoundly enlightening as
regards all of Jewish history and the nature of ancient religion.
I will be further published on these biblical processes in the last book
edited by Sam Francis before he died. When it is available, I will provide the
information on how to obtain it.

If you want to persevere in your faith, you have to appreciate the self
sacrifice. If genesis is allegory then you must go earlier to find the origins of
religion and follow the self sacrifice from its earliest manifestation in the
rg veda. Why go earlier than Judaism? Because once you accept genesis is not
the real "beginning" you are duty bound to go earlier than genesis and find it.

In my upcoming paper, I also address the creationists' main concern
(morality) as expressed by Ken Ham:
 “If Christian leaders have told the next generation that one can accept the
world’s teachings in geology, biology, astronomy, etc., and use these to
(re)interpret God’s Word, then the door has been opened for this to happen in every
area, including morality.”32
I explore the levitical prohibitions and the controversy over them in today's
liberal/conservative divide.
rich faussette
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