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Date: Thu Aug 18 2005 - 18:01:26 EDT

janice matchett <> wrote:
The following week, on October 20, 1989, Science magazine also reported the award.
I HAVE LEFT THE MOST DRAMATIC PART to the end. The man who rediscovered the old work on chromosomes and cancer and has drawn attention to it ever since, supported by investigations of his own, is none other than Peter Duesberg of U.C. Berkeley. He was already in the dog house at NIH for saying that AIDS is not an infectious disease and that HIV is harmless. All his grants were cut off in retribution. But as a member of the National Academy of Sciences he could still publish in respectable journals. So for the last seven years he has been drawing attention to the cancer matter. The NIH is pursuing the wrong theory, he says. Talk about persona non grata! No more grants for him! (And he has not received any.)

A researcher at the University of Washington who became controversial at NIH in an unrelated field warned Duesberg that "in the present system of NIH grants, there is no way to succeed." No matter how much they prate in public about thinking outside the box and rewarding "high-risk" proposals, "the reviewers are the same and their self-interest is the same." In the cancer field, grant proposals are reviewed by, and won by, proponents of the gene mutation theory.

GRM: I always love the conspiratorial part of this kind of post. YECs think geologists have a huge conspiracy to suppress evidence of the young earth. YEC geoscientists get punished and don't get grants because of this conspiracy. Similarly the AIDS establishment is in a big conspiratorial cause to suppress informatin on the cause of AIDS (Duseberg again), and now we have the NIH being involved in this big conspiracy. These conspiracies say more about those who believe them than they do about reality in our universe. Why is it that every extreme minority position yaks on and on about how the ESTABLISHMENT, ILLUMINATI, SCIENTIFIC HIGH PREISTS, and TRILATERALISTS control their fate and control the world. If only one could become a member of this secretive organization which pulls all the strings of the world's politics and suppresses the truth. Long live conspiracies!!!!!!

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