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From: David C Campbell <>
Date: Thu Aug 18 2005 - 11:09:46 EDT

The text in question is Wile, Jay L. 2000. Exploring Creation with
Physical Science. Apologia Educational Ministries. 445 p.

Although it does reject some of the extreme "throw it all out"
approaches to subjects that cause trouble for young earthers, it buys
into more nuanced and technical-sounding young earth claims instead.
E.g., hyperaccelerated plate tectonics is endorsed as highly plausible,
whereas those who want to deny plate tectonics are criticized; 14C
dating is OK for 3000 years.

Looking more closely at the figure that purports to show temperature
leveling off at about 1920, the interpretation takes advantage of the
squiggliness of the curve to draw a horizontal line, even though the
young end is the highest. Although the text does talk about the
complexity of effects, the interpretation of the graph as proving that
CO2 levels have not consistently caused global warming implicitly
depends on ignoring other factors. Greater familiarity with the
classic text How to Lie with Statistics would improve all too many
graphs in Christian publications.

Although Glenn is correct that CO2 levels have been much higher in the
past, the rapidity of the current change is geologically exceptional
and likely to outpace the ability of some organisms to respond.

Believing that the climate change recorded in the geologic record
happened in only the last 6000 years indeed ought to spur concern;
however, Vardiman (a young earth meteorologist) has claimed that the
young earth framework allows dismissal of the claims of past change and
corresponding dismissal of modern climate concerns.

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