Re: Mt. St. Helens and catastrophism

From: Glenn Morton <>
Date: Thu Aug 18 2005 - 10:00:46 EDT

Don Winterstein <> wrote:Unless he had Glenn Morton's level of motivation to fight YECs, why would a qualified geologist bother rebutting such arguments in detail?
GRM: Many would say, "unless you had Glenn Morton's love of banging his head against hard brick walls,...." While I do have an air of masochism about me, I do think that it is a terrible mistake for more geologists not to be involved. The failure of qualified people to fight them makes it look like geology has no answer to the supposed problem. I have in general found that showing pictures of geology and then asking why their YEC leaders don't publish such things in their books, does wonders to shut the YECs up (all except for the most lunatic fringe). The thing that changed me from a YEC to the miserable thing I am today is having to look at seismic lines every single working day. We should do more to show the YECs how silly their arguments are by showing pictures and giving explanations of those pictures. If we don't, they will win by default.

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