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I think resistance to the idea of global warming among the general
Christian in the pew is not surprising. I think a large part of the
resistance is found as a secondary effect of the creation science
movement. What that movement has taught the lay Christian is to be
skeptical of science but more than that they have instilled an
especially acute skepticism of any data that involves using age
calculations. The global warming debate is all about statistics and
long terms trends. Trends are established by studies of ice cores and
so forth.

Why should the YEC worry about a human effect on an upswing in global
temperature when just 4000 years ago the earth was in a deepfreeze.
There hasn't been time for warm/cold cycles to have occurred so it is
nonsense to predict long term trends where there really isn't any data.
Because the climate change data is perceived to be based on old age data
there is no reason to say this is caused by humans. Who is to say that
the temps won't go cold next year? Besides, I detect in many of my
friends and attitude that God wouldn't let the earth get WAY out of

I find these positions a bit ironic because if I really believed the
earth was only 400 years old and that dramatic climatic changes have
occurred rapidly in the recent past I would think I would be more
inclined to be worried about future climate change even if I didn't
believe it was being induced by humans.

Akron OH

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> There was recently an article in Agape Press on this,
> reprinted here:
> It's a political link not by design, just happened to be
> there looking for something else and saw the article,
> thought it supports Gordon's point.
> I do not really understand the why's and wherefores on
> the resistance to global warming. I would note that
> the eagle forum has some pretty comprehensive
> curriculum plans that purport to present the Christian/
> Conservative (I mean here politically conservative)
> worldview, and it includes this stringent view of
> science, essentially a rejection of historical science.
> It's my observation that the people in Texas in the
> evo wars of 2003 also were very sure of the difference
> between "true science" like Mechanical Engineering and
> the like (this I say not to disparage ME) and "speculation"
> such as evolution. Global warming is viewed in much
> the same manner.

There is 1 rather glaring reason for resistance to global warming &
especially the idea that a major cause of it is use of fossil fuels &
human actions: Acceptance of these claims would require some costly
to deal with the problem. I'm not suggesting that all resistance is
consciously or subconsciously, by economic interests but they certainly
a part of the mix.

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