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(It was good to see you and your family at Messiah).

I would suggest looking at what is available from Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN) and Au Sable Institute. Both clearly Christian organizations.

Also there were several books along the lines of being a believer and being concerned about nature at the Hearts and Minds bookstore (did you keep a bookmark from the meeting ?) Tony Campolo has a book out whose title is something like "How To Rescue the Earth without Worshiping Nature" - I have not read it, but suspect that it is quite good.

Al McCarrick

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I have been asked to teach a junior high physical science class for a
homeschool group. In addition to a few unsound young-earth related
claims, for which I already know some of the background, global warming
is dismissed in the textbook as agenda-based. The evidence consists of
a graph purporting to show global temperatures leveling out (with high
variability) in the last few decades after a rise before that and a
survey that claimed that a slight majority of atmospheric scientists
did not think global warming was a problem, with the next largest group
answering that we don't know. Does anyone know what data the
temperature graph might be based on or the details of the survey?

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