Re: Global warming problems in homeschool text

From: Joel Moore <>
Date: Wed Aug 17 2005 - 20:05:41 EDT

My only guess is that they may be connecting satellite measurements of
the troposphere (which begin about 1975 or 1980) with ground
temperature measurements up to that point, which is of course fraught
with methodological problems. I don't know of any records that shows
temperatures levelling in the last few decades. The upper troposphere
temperature hasn't risen as quickly as expected though it has begun to
rise in the last ~5 years (which is frequently ignored by those citing
the satellite data as evidence against global warming).

One of the best sites for checking on anything with respect to global warming is

The contributors are practicing earth/climate scientists and they
always cite scientific papers on their arguments so you can read the
gory detail about what they're writing.


> David C Campbell wrote:
> >I have been asked to teach a junior high physical science class for a
> >homeschool group. In addition to a few unsound young-earth related
> >claims, for which I already know some of the background, global warming
> >is dismissed in the textbook as agenda-based. The evidence consists of
> >a graph purporting to show global temperatures leveling out (with high
> >variability) in the last few decades after a rise before that and a
> >survey that claimed that a slight majority of atmospheric scientists
> >did not think global warming was a problem, with the next largest group
> >answering that we don't know. Does anyone know what data the
> >temperature graph might be based on or the details of the survey?
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