Rev.13:18 (was Numerics (was Re: Comments on Snoke's approach)

From: Don Nield <>
Date: Wed Aug 17 2005 - 19:07:20 EDT

Vernon Jenkins wrote:

> Randy, you concluded your email with the paragraph, "Rev. 13:18 is an
> intriguing verse and I certainly do not know what the proper
> interpretation is. But I believe I can bound the range of
> possibilities. At most, it implies that a person with wisdom would
> know that the "beast" has the characteristics conveyed by the
> symbolism represented by "666". No more."
> I am not happy with certain modern translations which begin this verse
> with "This requires wisdom." - or words to that effect. What the
> original Greek actually says is "Here wisdom is." or, as the AV and
> NASB correctly have it, "Here is wisdom". In other words, wisdom is
> _being offered_ rather than _required_. I'm sure you will agree that
> that is an important distinction which fundamentally influences one's
> proper understanding of the verse. And regarding your "No more", the
> fact that 666 is uniquely triangular, has triangular NT companions in
> 153 and 276, and appears in triplicate in the numerical reading of
> Genesis 1:1, offer clear leads to its proper interpretation - and to
> the acquisition of wisdom.

In intepreting Rev. 13:18 we should also take into consideration of the
fact that some ancient manuscripts read "six hundred and sixteen"
instead of "six hundred and sixty-six". This upsets Vernon's scheme.
The variant reading is accounted for if the verse is a reference to
Nero(n) Caesar. Dropping the final "n" reduces the count by fifty.
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