Re: Mt. St. Helens and catastrophism

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Sorry I forgot to add something. Many of the rocks in Snowdonia North Wales
are Ordovician volcanics and in places one finds ripple marks on the top of
a bed of volcanic ash. this indicates that the ash was not hardened when
water , either as a river or tide, washed over it and formed ripples. There
were layer on layer of ash and some had ripple marks.

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Subject: Mt. St. Helens and catastrophism

> Have any qualified geologists written a good rebuttal of the popular YEC
> argument for catastrophism that is based on deposition of stratified rock
> and formation canyons that occured in the Mt. St. Helens eruption? I think
> the original creationist analysis was by Steve Austin (the six million
> dollar man?), and I am seeing it cited frequently in YEC literature.
> If a published detailed rebuttal does exist, I'd really like to know about
> it. I'd like to find both a detailed "high-level" analysis version and a
> simplified "layperson" version of such a rebuttal. I quite sure that
> however stratified the eruption flows and deposits appear in Austin's
> photographs, detailed inspection of the layers would easily demonstrate
> that they are manifestly different that stratification that occurred by
> normal processes over millions of years. It's just that I haven't been to
> the site and I don't have the qualifications to describe those
> differences.
> Thanks,
> Doug
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