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  Continuing the dialogue I posted previously, this afternoon I received the following reply from Dave.
  I may take a while before responding since I'd like to go back and do some more reading on some of these aspects. And hear some of your thoughts and suggestions.

  Finally, in trying to propose a standard for predictions, I said we
  could argue "God is like this, therefore I expect such and such." You
  are right that we have to be careful with that, because nature
  reveals who God is, so I can't force the data into a preconceived
  mold of how God would do things on the basis of just wishful
  thinking-- that is why some people have problems with carnivorous
  1st, I don't know how useful this is going to be if David isn't going to participate directly on the list. Anyway, here there is a serious missing of the point - which is not that "nature reveals who God is" but that Christ, & specifically Christ crucified, reveals who God is. IDers in general seem to be unwilling to consider the possibility that there is anything problematic from the standpoint of distinctively Christian theology with their program.

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