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From: janice matchett <>
Date: Sat Aug 13 2005 - 15:13:43 EDT

At 12:18 PM 8/13/2005, Gregory Arago wrote:

>"..... neither am I am trained in theology ....."

## You, and how many others? :) Yet many of the untrained nevertheless
voice opinions on the subject which they inexplicably expect to be embraced
as carrying equal weight with the opinions of (small "o" ) orthodox
biblical scholars. That is a major point that many seem to overlook. These
presumptuous biblical illiterates "...Do Not Deserve the Benefit of the
Doubt "

Another point I would make, which is my own personal opinion, but which I
personally add to the equation any time I'm making an evaluation of the
opinions of others in regards to important matters:

A person's degree of emotional maturity -- not IQ -- determines the degree
to which he has the courage to face the truth about anything. ... (ie: the
truth can only "hurt" the one that refuses to accept it). IQ is helpful
in allowing him to obtain important facts, but his emotional maturity
determines how he interprets those facts.

Moral relativists are - ALL - emotionally immature - that's why they suffer
from varying degrees of illogic and cognitive dissonance (the mental
confusion that results from holding polar opposite ideas, beliefs, and
attitudes simultaneously). ....."

It will take a lot of courage for some to continue reading the rest of it

Janice :)
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