Re: Dr. Dobson

From: Glenn Morton <>
Date: Sat Aug 13 2005 - 05:12:37 EDT

Just got back to Beijing today and saw this in my bulk file. Dave, it was wonderful meeting you at the convention. Concerning your comments:
Actually, I was hoping to argue that it should not be our job to pick the ensoulment point. I noted that children less than a year old show few signs of humanity in the sense of showing rationality, speech etc. I would worry that a late ensoulment would justify killing the little rugrats, giving hem no protection whatsoever. Thus, I am NOT in favor of a late ensoulment.

David F Siemens <> wrote:I find another matter also relevant. At least a third and perhaps 70% of zygotes fail to implant. Assuming that all the offspring of Christian parents become believers (right!), and that all zygotes are ensouled, most of the redeemed will still be the offspring of nonChristians. At least, on a little different claim, limbo will have more inhabitants than either heaven or hell. This supports Glenn's argument that ensoulment comes later than conception, though it cannot present a schedule. I recall that originally Catholic views held that ensoulment came at quickening. I'm not sure when they changed to the present position.

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