Re: "Body's defense mechanism worsens asthma symptoms" - a challenge for ID?

From: Iain Strachan <>
Date: Thu Aug 11 2005 - 17:39:12 EDT

On 8/11/05, David F Siemens <> wrote:
> > So I don't see that this prevents a threat to "Intelligent Design" -
> > the universe is probabilistic, and you can't get round the maths.
> > It
> > neither proves nor disproves intelligent design.
> >
> > Iain.
> >
> >
> Are you saying that an omiscient and omnipotent Creator could not have
> figured out how to overcome these design problems? I understand that
> finite engineers find themselves making trade offs. But is the Creator
> similarly restricted?
> Dave

I wasn't saying that; though I don't see how even a creator can make
2+2=5, or get round the maths constraints. I suppose however you
might be arguing that the creator could have made it so the trade-off
wasn't so critical. I wasn't saying that the designer if it was God
could not have done that, but it seems to me that you insist that
Intelligent Design requires this. But I don't think it does. As I
understand it, it requires Design, but not necessarily perfect design.
 If you believe that the evolutionary process was Designed up front,
then once again it's a search for (local) optima which are always
going to be a trade-off. If a universe where nothing goes wrong were
created, where would be the point of faith? What would be the point
of the Crucifixion? God chose ultimately to reveal himself through
Christ, and that is meaningless unless it's in a fallen universe where
suffering, evil, etc exist.



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