Christian models of creation

From: Sheila Wilson <>
Date: Thu Aug 11 2005 - 16:34:18 EDT

I understand your point but God cannot lie. He is the truth, the standard by which we measure everything else. The United States Government has a one foot standard by which all other measurements are compared. The standard is always the standard: it cannot be more or less. Yes, the one foot standard can be broken or altered but then it wouldn't be the standard. Thankfully God cannot be broken or altered. He is the standard.
Sheila wrote:


I beg to differ. God COULD lie; but we modern monotheists all have
sufficient confidence in our understanding of God's character that we are
sure that God WILL not lie. (We only say "could not" because we are so sure
of our understanding on this point. I suppose you could rightly argue that
God cannot sin, but only if your definition of sin is whatever is against
God's will.


Please forgive the earlier empty post. The buttons won the struggle - but
only that time!
God has things He cannot do. For example, He cannot lie. He cannot sin.
God has things He won't do. He won't abide with sin. He reveal Himself


Sheila McGinty Wilson
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