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Date: Thu Aug 11 2005 - 11:19:12 EDT

Janice Matchett asked:

Many scientists laugh at what they presume is the illogic of those who say,
"I don't know, but God did it", in response to questions for which they, as
yet, have no cogent answer.

Just out of curiosity, I would be interested in knowing whether there are
any on this forum that would agree that this statement, "I don't know, but
I know that God couldn't have done it", is a cogent answer that most
critical thinkers would accept as being coherent / justified.

Doug's reply:

"I don't know, but I know that God couldn't have done it" is nonsensical.
Anyone who believes in God (as opposed to god), must believe that he is
CAPABLE of doing anything and would not make such a statement. Those who
don't believe in God would not attempt to acknowledge his existence by
making this statement.

The far more interesting statement is, "I don't know, but I know that God
wouldn't have done it". All of us theists have some notion, based on our
understanding of the character of God, as to what we are confident that God
would not do. Some of us are quite sure that God would not say that he
created the world in 6 days if he actually took billions of years. Others
of us are equally sure that God would not create a world in 6 days with the
appearance of billions of years of formative history built into it.

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