Re: TEXTBOOKS: suggestions for homeschooling?

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Date: Wed Aug 10 2005 - 15:43:52 EDT

Christopher wrote:

How big is the homeschooling market in science in general, and astronomy in
particular, and is it worth getting into it? From both a Christian and
perspective, it might be something I would be interested in, if I can find
contacts. I am also interested in associated software, as I am able to
scientific code in FORTRAN and C/C++, as well as web scripting and

Doug's reply:
You don't have to convince me about the age of the universe and earth, etc.
(In case you didn't know, I'm a PhD in Evolutionary Biology from Washington
University in St. Louis). Anyway, the homeschooling market is quite large,
and it's getting bigger all the time. Unfortunately, the homeschool market
for a non-YEC and non-advocate of ID textbook is probably very small.
However, if someone were to write a very good textbook (one that was
conducive to homeschool), who says that its market would have to be
confined to homeschoolers? Apparently, state and national public school
boards are not impressed with the current offerings, so the marketability
is huge. Most texts offered for public elementary, middle and high school
use are from large publishers with anonymous or inaccessible authors, such
that no one takes responsibility for content. If the text were really good,
then it would receive the recommendation of the AAAS and other respected
scientific institutions such that it would be used in preference to those
offered by current publishers.

Still, I just don't know if I'm up to the task. Who's going to support me
if I quit my job to do it?

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