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Are there any written or otherwise recorded records of Behe's and
Dembski's comments?

Jim Hofmann

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>The email below asks that people vote on whether (or not) to put ID in
school science classes.<

Unfortunately, the wording of the poll is very poor and strongly
designed to get the desired result.

"Should students be exposed to different ideas, or should they be
shielded from information about intelligent design? Give us your
opinion. *
Yes, students should be exposed to the theory of intelligent design in
public schools.
No, the theory of evolution is the only theory which should be taught
in public schools."

Many theories about many topics should be taught in school.

On the topic of biological origins, evolution should be taught as the
best available scientific model of biological origins. This is not
because scientific models are inherently better, but because they
represent a distinctive category which is useful to distinguish from,
e.g., religious models. It's probably a good idea to expose them to ID
claims so that they can learn critical thinking skills and learn just
how bad are the science and theology that are commonplace with ID

The problem with the "Fair hearing" argument that underlies the
question is that popular ID advocacy does not promote a fair hearing;
rather, it seeks to incorporate scientifically inaccurate claims in
order to attack evolution and promote the false gospel of

At the ASA meeting, both Dembski and Behe asserted that ID is not
incompatible with evolution, so the either-or nature of the question
has problems, too.

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